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Redorange Research & Development is a mechanical design and consulting company, created to innovate and develop products and technologies, from the creative stage to the industrialization phase. The team consists of a group of experienced designers, who can offer groundbreaking solutions and assistance during all phases from conception through the development and manufacture of the product. The experience gained in the various sectors in which we operate, allows us to be dynamic and flexible, able to adapt to the needs of various businesses. The Redorange R&D is able to meet the expectations of customers through a full range of services, consulting and cutting edge technology solutions.

Redorange R&D is the ideal partner for those who believe that technological innovation carries value, because it anticipates the needs and guarantees the achievement of ambitious goals. Redorange R&D does not just offer research and technological development, but also knowledge, professionalism and high quality service to ensure that all our services will lead to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Expert Designers

We in Redorange S.r.l. come from many different fields, joining together to become part of one team. With the wish to be the number one reference for those looking for innovation.

Ground Breaking Solutions

We aim to reach the best possible balance of quality and cost, considering all alternatives technology can offer.

Dynamic Reality

Continuous improvement and training means we are always the state of the art.

High Quality

Results are the fruit of the value and the professionalism with which we take care of every aspect of our work. Nothing is left to chance!